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851 Titrando - Gerador de electrodo e diafragma

851 Titrando - Gerador de electrodo e diafragma

  • Marca: Metrohm
  • Família: Coulómetro KF
  • Divisão: Análise Laboratório
  • Aplicação: Titulação KF
  • Sector: Ambiente e Celulose e Energia e I&D e Indústria Alimentar e Indústria Farmacêutica


Compact KF titrator with coulometric reagent generation; absolute method, therefore no titer determination required, for KF-water content determination down to the microgram range in liquids,solids and gases.

Including titration cell with diaphragm, 728 Magnetic Swing-out Stirrer and extensive accessories

Arguments that convince:

Backlit LCD display (graphical)
Measuring range: 1 µg - 200 mg
Simple operation thanks to dialog in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Swedish
Internal memory for up to 100 methods
With 2 RS-232C (DB9) data interfaces for connecting balance, printer, computer
Optional connection for PC keyboard and barcode reader
Reagent replacement with connectable Dosino
Automation with 774 Oven Sample Processor