General Repair Conditions


A. Scope

1. These general conditions govern the contractual relationship between M. T. Brandão, Lda., Hereinafter referred to as MTB, and the customers to whom it provides repair services.

2. The scope of these general conditions does not include repairs included in the guarantee of the proper functioning of goods sold by MTB.

B. Object and Acceptance of Service

1. The repair service shall consist of all operations and tasks required to repair equipment performed by MTB Technical Services.

2. The services will be provided during the normal working hours, from Monday to Friday.

3. The service contract shall be deemed to be entered into at the moment when the customer authorizes MTB to start repair work and to use the necessary materials.

4. If the customer does not grant the authorization referred to in the previous point, he may still be subject to payment of costs related to the diagnosis of the equipment.

C. Customer Duties

The customer undertakes to:

(a) give MTB staff free access to its premises.

b) Provide the necessary means to perform the repair safely and without interference.

c) The customer shall undertake any work necessary (on his own) to ensure a safe working environment for the equipment.

d) Send the equipment to MTB headquarters, in case of MTB repairs, in packaging that allows the safe circulation of the equipment.

D. Repair Warranty

1. The warranty period for repairs is 90 days for parts and 30 days for labor from the date of the Intervention and covers only repairs.

2. Repairs and therefore under Warranty shall be deemed to be all repairs the failure of which, reported by the Customer and verified by MTB Technical Services, is the same as that mentioned in previous repair process at MTB.

3. It is the Customer's responsibility to take the necessary precautions to prevent the loss of any information stored in the equipment, which is why MTB is not responsible for it.

4. In case the equipment has to be reconfigured according to customer requirements by MTB, this work will be billed additionally.

E. Deadline

1. The repair period is usually one week. In the event that spare parts from the manufacturer are required or the equipment may be shipped to the factory, the time limit shall be confirmed following the information given by the manufacturer.

F. Equipment Pick-up / Shipping Time and Payment

1. MTB shall inform the Customer by email or telephone of the completion of the repair process of the delivered equipment.

2. Payment for the repair price shall be made at the time of collection of the equipment, or collection, in case of shipment.

3. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraphs, MTB shall become the full owner of equipment that is not lifted or is not accepted when shipped within six months of the notification indicated in paragraph 1.

4. The foregoing paragraph shall apply in cases where the repair service was not performed because the customer did not authorize it.

5. Repairs made at the customer's premises must be settled within 30 days. At the end of this period, MTB will charge default interest at the rate of 1% per month.

G. Collection of Personal Data

1. Data collected in the framework of the provision of this service are required to be provided, or the equipment will not be repaired and will be processed automatically. This data is intended for service billing.

2. Pursuant to the regulations applicable to the processing of personal data, Customers are guaranteed the right of access to data directly concerning them, and may request its correction or addition. You may also request the deletion of your data for marketing or telemarketing purposes by contacting MTB.

H. MTB Responsibility

1. MTB shall be liable for any damage that may be caused to the client or third parties in the execution of the work or during such work.

2. To cover these risks you have the following insurance:

  • Insurance against accidents at work or occupational disease.
  • Auto Liability Insurance in the amount of 50 million Euros.
  • Activity Liability Insurance against all risks, with capital of 150,000 Euros.
  • Theft and Misuse Insurance.

3. MTB cannot be held responsible for any damages that the customer may directly or indirectly suffer either in the event of repeated malfunction, extension of the repair period, etc.

4. MTB reserves the right to cut technical support to customers who do not comply with this regulation.


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