Quality Policy

"Continuously improve performance to total customer satisfaction"

M. T. Brandão, Lda. Assumes the following guiding principles:

  • Quality at its various levels to meet the requirements;
  • the satisfaction of its customers;
  • Relationship with Suppliers of Excellence;
  • Personalized and distinguished After Sales Service;
  • Compliance with requirements (regulatory and legal) applicable to M.T products and services. Brandão;
  • Continuous Improvement of the effectiveness of its Quality Management System;

Who we consider as Customers:

The external customers we want to make our mark with by providing the highest quality equipment and services versus the prices we charge.

Internal customers, ie employees with whom there is a continuous concern for valuing human resources. In this sense, Management encourages communication between all employees, provides them with training in the areas to which they are dedicated, not neglecting the work environment that was designed for our activity to develop with quality.

For the quality policy to be fulfilled it is essential that everyone is integrated and have a positive and participative attitude in the Quality Management System.

Management on 9/11/2017

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